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3+ Multiple effect cup/多功能水素杯
1.Low frequency resonant water. 2.Hydrogen-rich water. 3.Quantum energy water Drinking out the new standard of health
MRET & new instant boil water cattle, the convergence of health technology
Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET).Means "molecular resonance effect technology".It is a kind of activated water treatment technology invented by Dr. Yigg smirnoff in Russia. The us patent o
new product "Smart induction LED light" will be launched
the intelligent LED light main function: motion activated night light, only light in dark, and it can auto bright when you walk by within 6m range, and will be shut down automaticly in 25 seconds

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Water profile series of products, using a key intelligent design, not only has the advantages of simple operation, according to the preparation, characteristics and convenient to carry, and the effective water treatment performance, can be easily converted into ordinary drinking water, living water multiple energy efficiency .


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